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jp1, as you are married to a Spaniard. I dont need to tell you the thinking, attitudes & why they do certain things & not the other.

“I guess that’s why the Spanish have their attitude to tax evasion. Rates are high and getting money back is a long real struggle. Much simpler to not pay any in the first place”

Its not only getting the money back, the system will be full of paper chase, people will be spending their time, effort & energy in trying to grease the paper chase in between siestas, fiestas & the whim of the funcionarios. These funcinarios will not do what they are meant to do within the time frame or in the manner that should be done.

Further, Spaniards do not see an appropriate use of their taxes & if they ever need the assistance of the state it will not be there.

Sadly, this psyche and in addition the Franco period has made the Spaniards treat anything & everything with disdain apart from enjoying themselves.