Re: subject



A good point about Chris Mac, despite all the flack he gets from us, he has been the only person from the large estate agents to have the cahones to come on this forum.

Whilst I don’t agree with his predictions for the Spanish property market, at least he does give a view even though it’s as an agent.

Viva have re-invented themselves somewhat and hopefully they will sell properly from now on, if they reduced their commissions, so much the better, there is an opportunity on the Coast for an honest agent or two.

The real cowboys have gone bust which is good for everyone, and let’s hope the others will follow.

According to AIPP, they too, have cleaned their act up and many of their rogue agents have gone, as well as Real Estate TV which was misleading people. There is a list of their members and I don’t recognise many now to even judge if the’re rogues or not. 😉