Re: subject


Totally agree with you both Goodstich and flosmichael. In fact the description of it by flosmichael as a Ponzi scheme, (Pyramid selling) is exactly what it is.

Goodstich, you are very well informed and we often bang the same drum so we both know that the Spanish Gov’t still does nada to address these issues, they, like some agents, just turn a blind eye to past events as if they were’nt guilty of gross deception. The 4 agents I mentioned were all at it, they swapped staff at the drop of a hat, they were commission crazy and went off to bars to toast their deceptions on champagne and ready for as they called them ‘another mug punter’, and these were the British agents, just like Foxtons and a few others in the UK.

Spain would do well to try and re-instate it’s devastated coastline and sliced off hilltops, and knock down many of these unfinished concrete jungles.

The Spanish Ministers should then go to confession and start cleaning things up. 😉