Re: Subject


When we bought in the CDS the main agents pushing properties like mad were Ocean, Interealty, Viva and ADH, I think Atlas were doing the same on C. Blanca.

It was like a free-for-all, frenzy for the larger agents with their glossy magazines and equally glossy roadshows, they all sold like there was no tomorrow and 1000’s of Brits, Irish, and other nationalities were duped into this mass hysteria of reserve now before you lose it, then they were taken along to the agent’s preferred in the pocket lawyer and once the contact and deposits were done, the majority of these agents ignored the same clients and moved on to the next unwary bunch.

It was sickening!

Thank goodness for the Sunday Times and Mark’s website for exposing the trickery.

At the time, no-one in the industry was remotely interested in proper regulation, it was hype and sell at any cost, with buyable motor manufacturer awards for ‘Best Agency’ etc etc

That’s why the 1,623,000 and probably more homes now lie unsold, and scruffy. These will never represent good value for money, the build will mainly be Jerry Build as well, guarantees will be worthless, noise will always be a problem and service costs will be higher than expected.

People have at long last had their eyes open to this sort of misleading mass selling in Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Thailand, Bulgaria etc.etc!

Now, those in any position left in Spain should lobby the inept Spanish Gov’t. because the property and tourism markets have gone into freefall.

Spain shot itself in both feet, it will not be investable again until their many problems are addressed! 😉