Re: subject


Chris, I sort of understand what you’re saying regarding the Spanish Gov’t, but what was so frustrating is that Viva Estates and you, along with say the smaller or better respected agents, did precious little to bang the drum for a more honest and regulated property market that we’re aware of.

For example it was well known and documented about Ocean Estates and a few others in the Press etc, yet no-one seemed to have the cahones to denounce them. Maybe it was a fear of reprisals, eg, I knew sales people there who started their own agencies having not been paid by Ocean or fed up with their B

t, yet they openly told me they couldn’t say much in case of damage to their offices.

Had more of you joined forces, the rogues would have been outed much earlier.

Then introducing better regulation, plus, LOWER and FAIRER commissions, and, refusal to sell these vast concrete developments because of the incentives offered (greed), and more transparency for both buyers and sellers with none of the hype about ‘views not being lost’, ‘cherry picking’ and ‘you cannot lose’, maybe, Spanish property would not have such a bad reputation.

For the future though, how on earth is Spain going to sell the nearly 2 million unsold newbuilds falling into disrepair, these are never going to be worth buying for Brits, even at discount because of current exchange rates?! 😕