Re: Subject


I think Mark M has called it right regarding Moneyweek which is not ‘a load of tosh’ as Chris Mac calls it, that’s the talk of an agent trying to talk things up again.

What worries me is, Chris talks of how well his ‘Associates’ are doing, the very mention of his ‘Associates’ remind me of the days of Viva, ADH, Ocean etc full of these gelled haired people constantly talking the market up whilst earning a huge commission.

Have these ‘Associates’ pointed out that these clients are paying up to 30% more for their properties on the weakness of Sterling against the Euro currently compared to a few years ago, that if the exchange rate swings back in favour of sterling again the same clients will lose out again should they wish to resell? No they wouldn’t tell new unwary clients about this or that their view will be spoilt one day etc I doubt!

When he talks of ‘reputable agents’, well many Brits would like to see an honest register of such in Spain and elsewhere.

So whilst Chris offers a debate here sometimes just beware of his own bias and occasional rants at those here who tell it as it really is, you really can lose a lot still in Spain, it probably will fall further as Moneyweek predict! 😉