Re: subject


Two incidents.

In the late 70’s, I was buying a place in Moriara, due to banks slowness etc . I took the purchase price of £15,000 in cash with me. This cash I conveniently left in the Taxi. Later when I realised the Hotel phoned up the airport police & to my astonishment the cash along with credit cards etc was handed over to the Police. As I had no money with me the Police sent the cash by taxi to my Hotel. When I tell this story to my Spanish friends they dont believe it.

Father of a friend of mine from Barcelona (married to an English Police officer) was entering the lift of his block. He was held up at knifepoint and was asked for his money. He handed over the contents of his pocket. The mugger/thief just took two thousand paseta note & returned the rest saying he did not need the rest ( My friends husband does not believe the incidence even today )

Yes, crime can take place anywhere my aunt had been robbed thrice at the Niagara falls and twice in Paris. The fact is that once you are on holidays you are vulnerable.