Re: subject



I totally agree with Claire and charlie that Spain has only itself to blame for what’s happening in their property market. There is NO protection for buyers from all the SHARKS (the usual ones) that are still allowed to operate with impunity. It can only be a greed thing for the Spanish Gov’t to allow this to continue, property taxes, VAT, Stamp Duty etc etc.

How can anyone feel confident buying there, the crooks are ruining it for the honest operators?

Inez, a question for you? You once said you were getting re-sales from Bulgaria etc, but I’ve heard there is virtually no re-sale market there, and the potential could be worse than Spain because there is a poor Winter climate as well. How do you read the situation there?

I’ve heard too, that Awful Estates are concentrating a lot of their efforts there to, from their office in Banus, which suggests that their Spanish sales have dropped right off.