Re: Subject


In the Sunday Times Property section, there is an awful lot of ‘talking the market up’ in the UK but I suspect by those with a vested interest such as the: buy to let brigade, estate agents and several financial ‘experts’ as they like to call themselves.

Brown and his Gov’t are so desperate for the property market to rise because this then makes people spend money. His current proposals he hopes will cause another boom which will bust again. There is a real danger of talking people into buying property which has further to fall. Of course he will no longer be around to see his policies fail miserably again and again.

Newspapers are losing advertising revenue and are now trying to be more positive for their own revenue stream, the Telegraph recently admitted this fact.

It’s all so manipulated by the Gov’t, the BOE, the media and of course Channel 4 TV. 🙄

Not once did any of them suggest the huge BTL brigade encouraged by cheap borrowing, contribute to the high property prices. One couple, the Wilsons in Kent bought 700 properties which stopped 1st time buyers from buying because prices rose dramatically, and now the Wilsons are benefitting by falling interest rates on their Tracker mortgages designed by Brown and King etc.