Re: subject


” although unwittingly Franco who started off package holiday. Don’t beleve me READ THE BOOK. “

Franco, did start package holidays & was not done unwittingly. It was one of his ways to support its economy that was in dire straits. You cannot believe everything you read in a book a good example of it that history is written/told by the Victor, does this mean that other side did not have anything to write about of their facts or how they saw it.

I stick to my side of it, i.e. she was not Franco’s wife. Katy posting is very much a reflection of the Spanish society at the time. Franco would have had the whole Clergy on to him. The Clergy was very powerful at the time as many would argue that it was the military & the clergy which kept him there for the period that he did, while self preserving their own interest.

This is my last posting on the subject as the thread does not cover yellow polka dot bikinis.