Re: subject


“I was just showing my sincere opinion, I’m very sorry if I have disturbed someone. Of course my personal opinion is much more clear (like yours) about the problem and the causes.”

I cant speak for others. You have not disturbed me. The question still remains, when you knew all that was going on on such a large scale. What did you do ??? Please answer.

“Definitively I’m not defending anyone,”

You, have no leg to stand to defend, your profession.

” I don’t believe that things should remain the same.”

So, how should they change ? & what have you done about it. Please answer.

“I tried to be realistic about the options that owners have. “

I do agree with you on this one.

“An example, as far as I know, may be difficult to prove that the seller (and the lawyer) told the customer that he was buying a legal house when in the “Escritura” just appears a piece of land. The seller will always maintain that the conveyance was referred to the land, not to the house.”

Each case is different & it is for this reason that a lawyer is employed to protect the clients interest. Apart from the legislation the lawyers are aware of the workings & the practicalities through their daily experience or exchanges views with other lawyers. So the lawyer has to protect its client no more or less. If the lawyer cannot than he should simply refuse to act for the client & return his paper.

If I engage a lawyer & he finds out the developer that I am dealing with is suspect. He should say to me that I cannot act for you in this transaction. That will send a massive signal to me & the alarm bell will start flashing big time.

” if the seller was consciously doing that, there is a “estafa”, and that’s a crime, but must be legally proved “

Of Course everything has to be legally proved. This is stating the obvious. To prove anything in Spain & get a just recourse is the main issue. I am sorry if you still cannot see it. You may remember son of a famous Marbella Mayor, company was involved in a construction project in North of Madrid where. some 70 people died due to collapse of the building.

The person concerned was forgiven by Franco. The blood of 70 innocent people. The said person company is still trading, has estate agencies in CDS & is involved in a project in Tangier’s, Morocco.