Re: subject


Thanks Bernie
“The basic Spanish law as I’m guessing you know is that in general terms non resident wills are supposed to be dealt with in the country of residence”

That is my understanding and to some degree it makes sense. As his/her commercial/emotional/personal/family interest, would be in the Country of residence.

“Although the English law then bounces it back by saying if you own property abroad then the laws of that country apply “

I presume that would be in so far as the legal treatment & taxation is concerned. This is distinct to the execution of the Will and such a complex area that I have not come across anybody who could assure me

This , I know is the case. As it happened that I was with my lawyer friend last week, whose client had land in Uganda, She is UK domiciled & recently became widow. The friend suggested that he should look for a lawyer in Uganda on the basis that you suggested above.

As, you said these things take time, but lets not forget its the tortoise who won the race. I am right behind the tortoise.