Re: subject


“They are a proud race,”

Agree, an ordinary citizen and with a lot of dignity & self respect.

“i feel sure they would prefer their country to be once again seen as a desirable place to visit and live “

Until few years ago and perhaps even today. Spain was a Country where very few people read a newspaper or books. They are happy to be uninformed & I can assure you that even today perhaps 98% of the people do not know what is going on & how once a country that was held in such esteem is now looked up with disdain.

” a corrupt joke that it’s been reduced to in some regions in last few years.”

Sorry to disappoint you but its not some some region that are corrupt and not the last few years. In some regions its on your face & others you don’t hear about it Spaniards takes this as a way of life and it becomes a second nature to them.