Re: subject


User of the forum, should well be aware that in Spain consumers have no rights for all practical purposes and this should be a bench mark for things in Spain.

When ever you need anybody to do anything for you, it will happen when it will happen irrespective of your situation, predicament etc.

However, when the tables are turned everything has to be done on their terms, no sense of responsibility, duty or professionalism and the time allowed to the customer is always the minimum & in most cases as laid down in some legislation. This in a country which has the second highest number of public holidays, besides regional & local holidays & practically does not work of Fridays.

Its the above that will continue to drag the economy of Spain down once the recovery gather momentum. Spain does not have the monopoly of the sun north of equator.

However try & convince the Spanish tourism, housing industry & even the staff at the Consulate are deluded about it. If you convince them that other countries also offer sunshine. They start talking about Spanish Cuisine. Try & convince a vegan or a vegetarian the joys of Jamon Serrano.