Re: subject


“Why are you so NEGATIVE about EVERYTHING?!”

I am not negative. I have my investments there. None of them are with problems that sadly other forum users are having. It therefore stands to reason that I should not be negative.

The flip side of it is that I am a realist & try and give my input. The rosy input. I leave it to the estate agents.

” I understand that you are not really up on Spain at the moment.”

Not correct. I was, am & will always be. My being up on Spain or not has no bearing to peoples investments. They have to make up their own mind & than take an informed decision.

” But, why do you feel the need to inflict your doom, gloom and negativity even on an innocent non-property related comment? “

See, above. Its the innocent buyers that I try & fore warn. As I do not want that the list of the innocent buyers should extend by even one more buyer falling foul.

“Have you had any dealings with the girls in Puerto Banus?”

Not directly, I have however encountered them. Its on your face so cant miss it.

“They are not all hookers as you seem to imply.”

I agree.

” I have met quite a few girls that come down for a week or just the weekend and all they want to do is have some fun.”

I don’t deny they do. These girls can be met anywhere.

“It is very possible to spend some time with them without dropping a fortune”

I agree.

“as you seem to imply.”

I don’t know what the going rate is or for that matter or the ultimate purchase price of the flat..

My reply was based on one of the posters asking why Puerto Banus. If the posters wanted info on a place out in the country than my postings would have been very different.