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When I got to the payment stage, there was an extra request, presumably initiated by the HSBC / Mastercard Secure Code system asking if I wanted to create a security password etc.

This had not been done in my case with Easyjet. But has happened with car rentals.

I initially clicked that I did but later decided that I would not at the next screen and my payment to EasyJet went through.

The payment goes through at this stage. The value gets transferred after three working days.

So I hope that by doing this I will not be refused boarding !

I hope so too, for your sake. My posting on the forum was not alarm people but just alert them.

Did you experience the same verification process when booking your flight ?


I just wondered because it is apparent that banks are not only giving money away to slick financial derivatives traders and other manipulators but also fraudsters using the Internet for shopping !

All that is fine, the three issues that comes to light are.
1) A confirmation, should be a confirmation otherwise it loses its credibility.

2) As in my case Easyjet had nearly a month weeks. They should have contacted me during this period to update me.

3) They sat with my money & had not returned to my Bank. Which they should have.

So they are attempting very hard to save money by making internet shopping more security proof.

I don’t have a problem with this. Again in my case surely they should have advised my bankers & me so that a collective protective action could have been taken and as soon as possible to avert further use of an alleged card. No one body can prevent fraud we all have a roll to play.

Although my transaction was completed last evening, the Debit has not been taken from my HSBC account yet, but I think it does take some time for it to be processed. (3 days?)

Allow a few days as their is week end. My money was also taken in 48 hours from my account. I am sure that you will be ok, my intention was not worry people.