Re: subject




I agree that the two markets are different and in Spain the volume of transations may be lower ( I am talking about Spain as whole not CDS or CB)

The corroletion between sales/commission remains the same if you have a larger volume to sell your turn over will be higher.

The overhead cost are a common denominator in all ciities. The silly expectations of the sale prices by the vendors are also the same every year but on top of that if you add the higher agents fee, other selling cost. I am not surprised that it takes ages to shift a property ( The later is not down to the agent charges ofcourse)

The agents must learn about the concept of pile them high and sell them cheap. What I mean by this is lowering commission will bring volume not perhaps in the current market.

I feel that this a good time for the industry to take stock and come come out lean and fit when the market recovers in the near future.