Re: subject


I, am a fan of Judge Garzon, as he is the only one who looks into cases where other judges do not have the guts to dwell into. Pinochet is a good example. I beleive he is also looking into the cases of the Madrid train bombers.

The civil war, despite of its passage of time still divides the Spanish society. I however feel that despite its horrors, it now serve no practical, emotional, political purpose. Apart from the families who were affected by it emotionally. These people need a closure & this can be done by other means considering the size of the task, passage of time etc.

I, rather have Judge Garzon, look at the corruption & the inept “colegio de abagados ” because to my knowledge he is the only one who has what it takes to look at it deeply & profoundly. If he does this he will be doing more for the Spanish people & Spain than digging up old graves.

Lorca, was killed not only for his views but for his sexuality as well. The issue of Lorca was in the media only a few years ago in Spain.