Morocco, indeed is a very interesting proposition. With the uplift in infrastructure. (only country where the infrastructure came before the developments) A few miles/kms from EU. In the north of Morocco you can use English & Spanish, unlike Central/South of the Country. Where you need to speak French. The French are buying for retirement, due to low cost of living & affordabilty of social services.

There is a lot American/EU money being poured into the Country. The American for political reasons & EU for political/economic reasons hoping that job created will discourage Moroccan entering EU illegally. Please check out “Tangier’s Med” one of the biggest shipping ports in the world creating duty free zones, Companies like Renault/Nissan has already set up the infrastructure to produce 400,000 to 600,000 cars per year.

In, addition to the above, there is a serious amounts of money being invested by gulf rich Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain & Saudi.

Sadly, a lot of the unethical builders from Spain have moved in. Incorporating new companies. Whilst leaving little or no trace of their past misdemeanours.

As, always buyer be aware as the same builders are building without planning permission, Bank guarantees etc. The Agents who were smiling at you at Malaga Airport are still smiling at you at Malaga airport & carrying on smiling, until they take you across by ferry from Spain.