Re: subject


“as a group, could at least put pressure on the EU for action. “

Nobody in their right mind be asking them to change the law. The pressure is what need to be put in to see that things get looked into for the betterment of all and not a few interested parties i.e. banks, developers, lawyer etc.

” Was disappointed to read how Michael Cashman was also ‘at it’, busy feathering his own (and partner’s) nest. Yes, he highlighted the Land Grab situation with his three ‘investigative trips’ – all very admirable. But behind the scenes he turned out to be just as self-serving as the rest of them”.

The day British public wise up that their MP, MEP are in it for themselves the better it would be for the public and the reality will hit home. This in turn will also help the public to not to live in an idealistic world & the facade by the MP, MEP that they are helping public will be shattered.

“I put this down more to the efforts of the public than the MEP’s.”

Agree & what a price some of the public has paid. All this could have been avoided if the MEPs spent less time describing, what is a banana !!!!