Re: subject


costa light: If you ask you bank they will do a Manual ” Que ” on you. As they will not have any idea as to what are you talking about.

My experience with the banks in Spain is that they don’t train staff, circulars etc are not read by the staff or the bank manager, so they are lost and by turning up to work they were doing you favour. Don’t expect generosity.

One day I found my, branches ( San Pedro ) ex manager, who I had developed a good relationship, was not in the Branch. Upon inquiry the staff was reluctant to give me any information. A couple of months later I was in a branch of the same bank in Arroys del Meil, a town 30 kms away from San Pedro. I got talking to a staff & told him that I was concerned about my ex manager. The staff informed that he had died of cancer & he had attended his funeral etc. On my next visit to my branch I wanted to pay my respect and the staff told me that the ex manager is very much alive & well.

Having digressed there has to be a reason to place an embargo. Fran has not given any examples of such reasons.