Re: Staying in or leaving Spain


Quote from Mark: “Many people dream of a retirement to the sun, which is why many people have moved to Spain. But I’ve thought for a long time that most should rent instead of buying”.

I’d just like to pick up on what Mark actually said.
I’m interested in renting in Spain in the future but what concerns me most is the costs.
I’ve virtually given up any idea of buying now because of the exchange rate and a particular health reason.
I’m now considering extended stays in perhaps the Costa Blanca, Costa Daurada or even the Costa Brava in the future but what concerns me, obviously, is the cost.

My wife and I don’t envisage having much of a pension income due to the fact that our pensions have had such a hammering and I may have to consider working far longer than I originally intended, provided that I can find a job. My wife has already partially retired but I’m still working.
Our plan now is, perhaps to rent instead, maybe long term in the colder months of the UK year and return home in the Spring but not a holiday rental.
We’d like to live reasonably close to the coast in an area where local transport is good as we will not be able to afford to rent a car in Spain; that much we already know.
We’d only require one bedroom, perhaps with a small outside space but not that essential but other than the holiday rental market we do not know how one goes about researching. With the wealth of knowledge on this forum, can anyone give me some idea on rentals?
I realise that this may be slightly off topic but Mark did raise the point, as did Aunty Val, hence this post.