Re: Spanish property bubble



Katy, As I mentioned I do not know the area although it does look stunning from the images I have seen ,as for Jobs the young family are Ok ,as he is a builder and via a recently relocated friend have formed a company and have already landed a couple of large jobs,

The other couple are quite enterprising in that they have helped set up a small local cooperative ,and now export olives and high grade olive oil back to the Uk for sale at farmers markets and small independent Deil’s,produced from the other Finca’s that neighbour their own.I think to be fair they have found it hard work but have enjoyed their experience, learned a great deal and are looking forward to the next harvest They are busy at the moment developing new outlets and products.I know it sounds like tough going but as they have explained there is a great deal that they will doing differently next year so it will get easier as they learn the ropes