Re: Spanish property bubble



I think it is generally accepted that for certain types of property namely one and two bedroomed apartment blocks in over built areas,with all the issues that are regularly discussed on the forum affecting them. Then clearly the future looks bleak.

However it does appear that the Spanish property market is made up of many different property layers ,within the last few months people who we know have made the decision to move, one couple who live in Spain have sold up in Denia and are in the process of moving to Riopar in Albecete,this I found unusual in that they had an established property in a good area ,but found that over the years the town had becoming more built up and busy ,I do not know this region (Riopar) but when I saw the photos ,It soon became apparent why their research had led them there ,stunning mountain scenery and quaint Spanish villages.The second couple I think represents the now firmly established second wave new comers, who despite having coastal family connections have eschewed these areas, for property inland ,listening to their reasons ,invariably they quote the perceived better quality of life ,cheaper too ,that can be found away from the coasts .Time will tell how these second lifers fare ,but one thing is sure, they are both convinced that they are making the right move ,interestingly in both cases they will be following friends who have already made similar relocations

Spain is a large varied country that can offer a huge range of properties in all price bands, consequently it may in real terms ride out the property slow down better than expected.Trends come and go but there does seem to be increasing interest in environmental issues ,which could be influencing peoples decisions to explore a potentially simpler but ultimately more enriching way of life for them and their families .Due to Spain’s agricultural heritage there does appear to be a surfeit of Finca’s and Casa’s rural ,which may soon find new owners from the now almost dis enfranchised younger families who are seeking a home and a life style which will never be available to them in the UK ,at a similar level .