Re: Spanish Property Bubble


Hi Again Everyone,

Ralita did you read my post earlier this pm? I’m not sure I get the drift of your argument apart from ranting on about Brits being the source of all evil.

Hey, I’d like to live in Utopia too, where we all have jobs for life, a gold watch on retirement, a secure pension and a holiday house in the sun. A world where prices never go up,everything stays the same, the sun shines most days and it rains enough to keep the farmers happy. Now wouldn’t that be just wonderful? Sounds like my idea of hell.

The real world is a little different. Tourism is the biggest industry in the world and everyone from the Cap Verde Islands to Brazil wants a slice of the cake. Nothing wrong with that.

You portray the Brits in a pretty horrible light. Are we reponsible for all the wrongs in the world? I have no idea where you are from but it sounds as if you’d like us all to pack our bags and head back to blighty. That way, the natives in the rest of the world could continue with their lifes of “rustic ideal”,untroubled by property hungry Brits inflating the price of everything.

Well you are wrong. We didn’t put up the price of a coffee from 100 pesetas to a 166.368 pesetas. But the introduction of the € did.

And as for your assertion that “the mother of all house price crashes is on”, the facts do not bear this out. No-one is denying that by historical standards house prices are out of kilter with earnings and there will be a correction . But I believe it is over the top to express yourself in such dramatic terms.

But I have an idea for you. What if the Brits sell up in all the countries they have bought in and then you’ll see the mother of all crashes. Somehow, I do not think the Spanish etc want us all to leave.


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