Re: spanish property



Being really mercenary about it I am delighted that a lot of agents are going bust down here, there are far too many anyway spending far more money than they can possibly make from sales.

It leaves room for small hungry but ethical agents who want to build up there business on doing the right thing by there client which certainly hasnt been the case down here to date as say Viva are charging clients 7.5% and there not the worst.

As I said on another thread id be happy to work on 2.5% if it meant more volume but at the moment thats very unlikely to happen and for most agents its a case of maximising the Commission from what little sales they have.

My business being new has the advantage of low overheads and not having to cut corners to bring revenue in and I think the way business is done down here in the next 12 months is going to change radically

Lets not forget that Spain is almost 40% UK overseas property market and still represents the best security V risk and at the moment represents fantastic investment opportunities for those who can sit on there investments for 3-5 years

Anyway Lets see what happens