Re: Spanish Lawyers


Thanks for the supportive replies, clearly things are much worse than I thought if 99% of Spanish Lawyers are giving the rest a bad name. In that case why does Senor Alfonso say that ‘it is a respectable profession in Spain’ or similar?

Since he is ‘respectable’ I wish he could explain why the rogue lawyers are still ‘allowed’ to practice, and why some are allowed to practice under ‘new’ names.

Even with all the horror stories about DVA and ‘White Whale’ involving marketing exclusively by Ocean Estates in some cases, and even with Del Valle in prison, his firm are still operating apparently as usual, and the Estate agent has not addressed this problem for it’s clients and still operate as usual too.

All this and ‘Land Grab’ too!

UK lawyers, developers, and estate agents seem like Saints in comparison to those in Spain, and at least regulated!