Re: Spanish Gov’t etc


Bri, although I agree with you about many of your comments I am still entitled to my opinion about the lack of action by the Spanish Gov’t over this issue. They have continually ignored the correct regulation of Estate Agents there (many British) who are ripping people off all the time to naive and unwary purchasers despite the many exposes on TV and the newspapers. They also do precious little regarding the Valencia Land Grab scam.

Yes there are many other issues you mention as in all countries but this website is primarily about Spanish Property issues not illegal workers etc.

The Spanish Gov’t are earning fortunes with property sales through various taxes and they certainly don’t want this to stop through bad Press etc and so continually ‘turn a blind eye’ to property scams there.

Some of us are fairly dedicated to keep warning ‘new’ purchasers based on our experiences and in some cases it is working, we will continue to do so until Spain cleans up it’s act. My opinion only.