Re: spanish bank account


Hi Anita,

No we have not got a mortgage with the spanish bank, we did not get that far, we were going ahead with an off plan, but after 20 months or so and over 70,000 euros in the developers bank and not a brick laid, it sort of set off some alrm bells ,so with the assistance of my lovely spanish lawyer (who is on the list on the forum) we met the developer and came away with a cheque. I needed to open an account quick so that the cheque could clear. We plan to move lok stock and barrel, so with the money from our slae of our home in the UK , we did not need to look at mortgages. Maybe we will in the future. The interest rate for a 6 month saving account with Banco pastor is 3.25%, which is less than what we get with alliance & leicester in the UK, I think it is 3.79% (oh they are part of Banco Pastor). The interest rate for lending is lower than in the UK, so I suppose it seems about right. Give them a call they are very helpful. You can make your mind up once you have spoken to them