Re: Spain’s Property Corruption



🙄 😉

Regarding ALL these illegal builds that may be demolished, sales of Land Grab properties and other dubious builds all over Spain, I believe the Spanish Gov’t could be labelled ‘corrupt’ along with those Town Halls, Developers and Agents involved with their mis-selling.

The reason being, Spain’s Gov’t has merrily and greedily taken the huge Stamp Duties, other property taxes and, VAT on all the Illegal Builds, so if these properties were demolished they would have to hand back all of these taxes. Somehow I can’t see them doing this because of the huge sums involved.

This may prompt investigation by the EU into Spain’s membership since vast amounts of EU money has gone into their infrastructure like roads, much of which came from large UK contributions to the EU as was reported some while ago.

Time for corrupt Spanish Ministers to act and fast.

As Claire and others have said before ‘who in their right mind would now wish to invest or purchase property in Spain’?