Re: sotogrande


I lived in Sotogrande and after two years left due to the unacceptable level of crime (not something you expect when you’re paying extortionate rents). In the summer of 2004 there were literally several hundred robberies. Gangs were breaking and entering between 5 and 10 properties per night. It was said that they were comprised of ex-military eastern europeans, but so often the finger is pointed at johnny foreigner.
I think sotogrande is the biggest scam on the CDS. It markets itself as some sort of wonderland, so it was very much in the authorities interests to keep all the criminal activity hush hush. You pay through the nose to live there, and its just not worth it when you cant sleep at night.
I think that there must be some great stories from Soto residents Mark.

I myself left soto feeling very lucky that I had not been a victim of crime myself, as so many of my friends had. That’s exactly how I felt when I left central London.