Re: Some fresh air (maybe)



It would be nice to have some fresh air for a change and also hear from those who had a good experience, the vast majority, but as Rawlins correctly points out you won’t have such persons ranting in this forum.

I agree with you wholeheartedly and in the past I have given my happy account of buying in Spain, and I for one would recommend it to anyone. I have expressed this opinion many times, and on occasions ‘flamed’ for my view, along with being accused as somehow working for this promoter or that Lawyer etc. I even suggested at one point that this forum was a bit of a ‘closed shop’, in other words if the poster challenged the general negative view they where hounded out of the forum.

My view for what it’s worth is that Spain is not much worst than UK for bad agents, poor lawyers and corrupt planning. As I have said before the apartment was bought from Erilia via a small agent, who I still see for a beer now and again. It was off plan and Erilia were as hard to deal with as any UK building company I’ve dealt with regarding snagging etc. The apartment was about one year late (slightly worst than the UK) and the lawyers (again one reviled here) were good and I still use them.

We organised our own flights, hotel and I spoke to two agents over the telephone before we arrived to arrange to see them. One was the small agency we used, the other was a large agency called O.E. I left them in no doubt what we wanted to see and how much time we had, the small agent turned up and I still waiting in the car park for O.E. as they never showed, maybe I put them off 🙂

Like most i read all of the books regarding buying in Spain and coinsidently i came across an old one last weekend first published in 1972 update in 1992 with a whole chapter on what could go wrong and the precautions to take when buying in Spain. Without knowing the date of publication if presented here verbatim you would swear the author had taken ALL (and I mean all, PM me and I’ll send it you) of the warning outlined on this site and published them in his 1972 book. Clearly an enlightened author 🙂

People here say I was lucky, yet I don’t believe in luck, maybe that’s what makes me “lucky”