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All these facts and figures being thrown about are rubbish. As of today, the government announced the new pension rules will NOT include buying property as everyone anticipated. Well thats that then. No new bubble on the Costa del Sol.

As a retired journalist living on the Coast, I have dealt with the “scum of the earth” in agents. The huge amount of pages in the Sur in English must have a big ad inbetween all those pages of houses.

WANTED! Sales Executives.

Must be:

Ex time share
Full of crap
Greedy as hell
Ready to leave quick
Have savings as in 3 months you will need them
Be willing to kidnap clients from the airport
Be willing to spend their spare time in bars in Elviria blagging about all the sales you have had when in actual fact….

Where the hell do the coast get these people? Sadly, the only agent I ever knew on the coast that paid their staff a salary so they were unbiased and could give the clients a good honest opinion, was pushed into a corner, despite all efforts to change the attitude people have towards buying in Spain. Its a crying shame to see good honest agents FINALLY, only to see them pushed sideways by all the big boys until the company couldn,t survive. Who actually governs or supports the agents on the coast? Where is the unbiased authoritarian body who polices the agents and makes the rules? The UK has it so why not in Spain? I am not talking about some self appointed “club” that you feel you should join just because everyone else does. Do they help those in difficulties? Do they have a set of rules that help the agent, not just themselves? Even if you join the AA for £40 you get a man in a van turn up.

Its going to take a few good men to turn that coast around and get the trust back that has so sadly been lacking in recent years. Getting an agent you can trust is vital and thats an underestimate. If you can find one then the Costa del Sol is still a fantastic place to live. Nowhere in Europe can you be in the sunshine from anywhere in just a couple of hours with the infrastructure and airports in place as the CDS has. The biggest decision is where to buy and like all over the planet, the same applies. Location, Location, Location.