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Dear Guest,

Your post above should be put on hand outs to anyone on an aeroplane flying into Malaga, Alicante and Murcia airports and put on big hoardings all over Southern Spain. You sum the property market up sooooo well!


Thanks Claire. I would love too. We thought of that years ago and got very nearly to the point of trying it, but we were coaxed out of it from, eh,…. more knowledgable ex pats working here. If you have the experience on this coast that I have, then the airport is off limits. Giving out leaftlets with the truth about agents would NOT be a good idea. The property companies and agents who represent them may have a good grasp of the coast, but they most certainley should not use the airport as a sales pitch for property. Again, as my point previously was trying to get across, not everything here is at it seems. Just because something is attractive from the outside does not always prove what lies beneath.

There are certain “rules” that only people that live here AND WORK here over a length of time; not the ex pats who live by the pool and the golf course – lucky you by the way, get to know. Feel free to e mail for an answer that will satisfy you if your curiosity take the better of you. Just ask for Nosmo King.

This is an excellent web site forum which was recommended to me by a personal friend known to Mark. Only taking the time recently to check it out, I see how vital this forum is. Bringing people together to air the views they have to keep quiet only makes this coast better, not worse. Good work whoever thought of it. (Wish I had actually, among other bloody ridiculous ideas, like the photo copy machine outside the police station on a van at 8am every other Tuesday….could charge what you like for that as the Spanish don.t provide one….Who WOULD NOT pay a tenner not to leg it over the other side of town, which seems the only place the authorities think to put one, just to SAVE TIME QUEUING to get an NIE number or another bit of paper that has to be photocopied and stamped over a billion times! The times I have spent waiting and waiting in some sort of queue, is beyond belief…..another story…)

A lot of people have asked me how to sum up the Costa del Sol in one sentence. And this is purely from my own perception of the truth as I see it. I have three different answers depending on who is asking…..There are two short answers and one long one.

You never know who your dealing with 😈 …….

“Arsehole drain of the World!”. 8) …. or the long one.

If you bring money with you to Spain, to live, work or play….always keep control of it. Never let anyone else do that for you here. Trust is like respect. You have to earn it. Live, work or play here or all three. But do it gradually before you invest in Spain and KNOW what you are getting in to. That way you can only blame yourself when it all goes tits up….but you can also pat yourself on the back when you have success. Because if you can live and work on this coast for more that one year, you can live anywhere on the planet. 😀

Take care and be aware. Apart from that. This place is Fantasia. 😉

By the way Mark. Good work. Forums are essentially there for people who want to express an opinion they feel strongly about. Maybe where they cannot in other ways. Like the poor agent. I think an “agent helpline” should be set up. You would make a bomb…….