Re: Santa Maria Green Hills Fiasco


Dear all

We are sending this today 15 October 2005 having just come back from Marbella this afternoon.

We are also buyers of a Green Hills apartment at the upper block which is obviously never going to be built, only we got to know about all this just on September 19, 2005, when we called Eralia to ask them when could we go over to choose our tiles and kitchen tops!!!!! Apparently, they should have let us know about this more than a year ago!!!!

We are exhausted at the moment but will be putting the entire story on the forum sometime tomorrow for all of you. So, feel free to reply.

We do not have the same lawyers as yourselves and our agent was different FDP Savills in Marbella. However, let me tell you that our lawyers till now have acted in the same way as yours failing to obtain bank guarantees at the signing of the original contract (although it was a contract clause) and presenting us now (and after a screaming and chasing match for the last 3 weeks) with a bank guarantee that was issued in May 2005 and can be acted upon in September 2006. They deny having any knowledge or notification from Eralia that the building licence was suspended and day by day the plot thickens!!!!!

We just wanted to make this initial contact with all of you so that you know that there are more of us!!!

We will come back with more details of our story.

Barbara & Katerina