Re: Right and wrong


Goodstich, Bettyboo and others have said it correctly, basically it is completely wrong, immoral, illegal, fraudulent etc etc for estate agents, developers, lawyers, notaries, town halls, Banks, individuals and others involved in selling Spanish property to lie through their teeth as they have done for years to trusting purchasers.

The Spanish Gov’t are just as guilty even corrupt IMO for allowing this to go on for so long, at the same time not punishing those committing the deception, and even now they are doing almost nothing in real terms to make matters better quickly. The Court procedure is a joke and nightmare for people to go that route maybe 7 years plus up front costs.

The bodies set up like AIPP, FOPDAC are jokes too since they welcome Agents with open arms even those who commit the crimes. Motor Manufacturer awards for best agent, developer, development and the rest are also complete jokes as these awards are bought too.

The Spanish Gov’t is head in the sand and doesn’t admit it’s economy is in crisis.

Spain’s property reputation has been harmed beyond belief and may not recover, and it is doubtful if the 2 mill. unsold properties will ever sell.

As Mark recently wrote, many of these ugly developments will stand empty and could become ghost towns.

Spain deserves what it’s going to get, it’s no longer a good place to buy on the main Costas, do not be duped by agents saying it’s a buyer’s market, it will fall for ages.

There that’s better!