Re: Retribution



Hi Shakeel
Thanks and that’s the problem sometimes with emails, they are very unemotional and do read what sometimes is not intended.
No hidden agenda, just have the same or similar problems as the rest of you all and the wife is simply totally fed up with me moaning about it so its either the bottle or share my frustrations (think I will do both if that’s O.K)
Had Andelusian Dream Homes on the phone earlier, chap called James so I thought I would string the line so?
I will keep it simple.
Marbella is the only place I want to be I said but because of the corruption situation and L.F.Os etc he wouldn’t be able to sell me anything, would he?.(silence)
I then had him on the phone telling me not to believe what the papers say and in the U.K because they had their best year to date and made 5 M euros last year and in any event Estepona is the place to be and guess what?
You guessed it that’s where the future growth and profit will be from <wait for it “ OFF PLAN”
Well I said tell me all about it and he did for about an hour rabbiting on about Disney etc.(not that’s where the biggest commissions are you understand?)
I was painting at the time and just kept shouting across yes or no replies
Think he started to get the message when he heard the bath water running and simply gave up.
Just would love to hear what he said about me when he put the phone down
Silly and childlike but I just loved it all.
Retribution is sweet>