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Im sure there must be someone somewhere that hasnt yet heard
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exactly my situation.

(for those who don’t know) The courts accepted my case in April 2007, the developer didn’t go in to administration until July 2009, and when did I get sentence passed in my favour? September 2009!!!!!

We now just have two small chances of getting something. (who knows when) 1- if the developer somehow manages to come out of administration or 2- if we get something as creditors?, and this is after a 7 year fight in a very black and white case of the developer being in the wrong.

There is no excuse for this length of delay that has robbed me of ‘real’ justice as it has many others. My case is just one of many, in many different areas of justice, and until those cheated are compensated by those responsible, then Spain will continue to look very unjust.