Re: Re:La Reserva



Hi all. I’ve just found this forum today and the topic here is of great interest to me as i have bought apt i block 3, manzana 6. I have tried thru agents, lawyers,brokers, etc, to locate other buyers in the same situation but for some reason there is not much help forthcoming. I have come to the conclusion that i have to take developers to court to get my money back but i have yet to instruct my lawyer.
I am of the opinion that the best way forward would be a class action case against the developers and this means locating as many buyers as possible.I feel this has to be put together as quickly as possible before the developers retain deposits on default by buyers. Once this is done it makes the case for buyers to get there deposit money back so much more difficult. Obviously the more people involved in the action,the stronger the case when it goes to court and there are savings on legal expenses too. For speed of action it may be better for contacting via telephone now. I know Rob has left a number that i will try and mine is 07957573822