Re: Regional then!




Interesting to read some comments re the different regions, however there are some very sticky markets even in the more affluent S.East.

Tenterden in Kent, (The Jewel of the Weald) always rides out bad markets apart from the big crash in the late 80’s, however there are quite a lot of properties for sale that have been on for over a year and, now being reduced. One chap I know had his 2 bed townhouse with garage close to High Street on for £285k but now reduced it to £249k, but certain properties still sell well.

The largest ‘buy to let’ investors (the awful Wilsons) own over 700 properties in and around Ashford Kent. They created a bit of a false market by getting huge Developer incentives but took properties away from 1st time buyers and forced up the prices on subsequent phases. I doubt they will sell, but if they did it would certainly rock the Ashford boat since they are not the only ones.

IMO the market will slow here when these interest rates bite, it’s happening in 4 out of the 10 UK regions already we’re told.