Re: Refundable Deposit



@Latchy wrote:

Totally agree in some parts of Spain (Albox etc) Lies have been told.But I was commenting on this thread.Shadow seems not to have exercised much common sense at all.Then because he feels slighted has posted on this board trying to blacken everybody else involved.But given the scant information he has posted the person to shoulder the brunt of the blame is himself.I mean to pay a non returnable deposit when you don’t know if you can get a mortgage 🙄

Hi Latchy…
If you read my original posting in this thread you will see that the 3,000 euros was refundable if the mortgage was not approved or the property had debts or legal reasons etc, but the mortgage was approved by UCI, the property was legal and free of debts etc. The contract was in Spanish and accurately translated (on the same document) in English, so Marcus and his girlfriend Denise understood exactly what they were signing.