Re: REAs changing the way they do business – let’s hope so

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The big agents have a lot of work to do to regain the confidence of many many people (particularly buyers of offplan properties) who feel they have been taken for a ride and then abandoned by these agents as soon as problems arise. It will take more than a change in commission rates to do this but at least it is a (small) start. If VIVA is changing the way it does business could I make one other suggestion Chris – perhaps you would consider putting a warning notice on (or omitting altogether from your website) developments which have question marks over their legality – Santa Maria Green Hills is advertised in your off-plan section and everyone on this forum is well aware of the problems with it (which I would expect REAs to be aware of also if they are doing their job properly). To be fair to VIVA at least some of the other dubious developments are no longer on your website which is more than can be said for some of the other large agents – one in particular is advertising 2 developments which are actually taped off by police !! I personally would never buy off plan again only resale but even then I would never go near an agent whose website was so obviously misleading.