Re: Re: You’d Have Thought Spain Has Learnt – But No!

Fuengi (Andrew)

@angie wrote:

That’s a good point katy regarding those who thought they had frontline beach but maybe not if this is allowed to happen 😮

Andrew, since you are in the business end so to speak, what is your opinion on this point, will it be allowed to happen, surely existing communities will shout very loudly? I remember those bad old days when the rogue agents at that time would say ‘you won’t lose your view, nothing can be built there, it’s a green space’ 🙄

lets be honest about this. most of the beach front property in the towns are already as near a possible to the shoreline.
I think existing communities will look to their own interests.

Towns like Fuengirola and Marbella are the way they are. What needs to be corrected is what happened outside of the towns of la cala, and marbella where alot of ad-hoc construction has gone on along the shore. I don’t think those should be legalised.

Sorry bit off topic there. I think the views of the people who live here are slowly changing for the better and more people are realising they are stakeholders in the area. There are more attempts to protect whats around us.