Re: Re: Yet Another Spanish Property Deception Blown Open!


My normal belief in The Olive Press being the only truthful paper in Spain has been completely shattered by this scam

OlivePress online is just a site put together in WordPress that (generally) picks up on old Spanish news stories, plus the occasional “advertorial” and light-relief article.

Plenty of Spanish sites around (ElEconomista, CincoDias, Idealista, El Pais, ABC) and if you can’t read Spanish then try the English version of ElPais or ElConfidencial

Remember that newspapers have definite bias (like the UK and elsewhere). El Pais will generally publish stories of an “it’s all going to hell in a handcart” because it’s a PSOE paper. ABC who are on the PP and right wing side will look for more favourable pieces on the national government with critical articles of socialist mayors or separatists.