Re: Re: Wretched HSBC Bank, How does your Bank treat you?



Banks in the UK seem wonderful compared with Spain. We used to be in Solbank, by default as we were in Nat-West Spain and when they pulled out Solbank took over. Their charges are higher than any other Spanish bank I have dealt with. Once paid in a cheque for selling my car and was charged 0.5% for the “service” 👿 They do provide some useful services for foreigners although they charge this at about 9.50 euro per quarter! I have been in the queue at Solbank many times when people were complaining about charges.

I think Cable is a meddling fool. I don’t have any sympathy for people being charged extra for unauthorised overdrafts. Vague examples being given out today about the yearly costs for £10 overdraft, absolute rubbish…in France go overdrawn and the account is closed/frozen.

Ulitimately if charges for unauthorised overdrafts are reduced it will the people who keep in credit who will pay one way or another as the banks won’t take the cost out of their profits. Cable is just a Labour bloke in disguise, not conservative policy at all.