Re: Re: Would you buy in Barcelona?


This is such an interesting discussion and one I have had many times with different folks. I am lucky to have two properties in the UK so can make choices about selling or renting – but both are outside London and I believe the prices may rise by just 5-8% over the next 5 years plus I will have CTG issues with one in 12 months – hence the reason for wanting to sell.
MikeD I think it is such a valid point about this is a great city, We will have a top floor apartment in a desirable location that if carefully renovated should sell for double the price (this apartment is a rare find – no crack den in sight!) Having lived in London and Sydney before Barcelona I think it’s hard to compare housing demand, stock and prices to Barcelona but all things considered if work doesn’t move me again I’m here for the foreseeable future so why not enjoy it!