Re: Re: Woman ruined by Spanish property crash wins compensation


I would guess that most had been ripped off at least somewhere along the line. Agents, banks, developers, the notary ‘turning a blind eye’, town halls, market stall ‘overchargers to tourists’ even though you’ve lived there for years, dodgy Brits who rip off other Brits…. sadly the list goes on and on.

What’s the figure of those who, if the clock could be turned back, wouldn’t have bought in the first place. Not just because of the drop in prices but because when they actually lived in Spain they regretted the move and wished that they hadn’t sold up in the UK or suchlike? Those I know who are actually happy in Spain are renting. Says it all.

All the agents I met in Spain were ex postmen or suchlike and couldn’t get any other type of work out there because they didn’t have the language skills. Most were with Parador Properties and MedSea and other large commission only based agencies who should be sued to high heaven in my opinion!

Regulation is difficult… i’m married to an Andaluz and they are never, ever, wrong…… 😉