Re: Re: Will the Gibraltar dispute affect property sales/Tourism


Katy, “they” that I refer to are 9 or 10 different people, English and Spanish who I know and who work in Gib. They all tell me they are in and out of Gib most days without having to sit for hours in traffic as reported in the press. Basically, the point I was making on this is that the press, as usual, blow a story up when in reality the Gib/UK situation is not affecting many people. You can believe me or not but these are people I have spoken to and not made it up.

Re the Spanish working in Gib. I agree, of course why wouldn’t they want to work there when unemployment in Spain is so high. That’s not the point. I was simply trying to say that whilst the UK press would like to portray a Falklands style war situation the reality is very different with normal Spanish and British people carrying on as normal.

If you really think the current situation is going to effect property sales then fine, lets agree to differ. I don’t think it will make the slightest difference.