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You can still buy brand new 2 bed apartments in costa del sol for 210000 euros with all the mod -cons but when i came here in 2002 cost of living was about 35% of what it was in the uk but with the current exchange rate its now about 80% of where I came from in Brighton.

During our stay in Spain at the end of December 2007, we shopped at Carrefour for all our food neccesities.

The cost of food at Carrefour was about the same as the cost of food at ASDA/Tesco in UK.

Why do people say that the cost of living is much lower in Spain? The only big difference
is the cost of Diesel which is 30% less in Spain.

The clothes cost more or less the same, the children toys cost more or less the same.

I do not know about utilties and car/health insurance.

Ralita, I agree. The cost of living here is not as low as stated. Ok if you smoke and drink a lot 😉 otherwise food is about the same price. Infact I have seen stuff in M&S for less than here. I also visit France and Holland a lot and spain isn’t any cheaper. Furniture, white goods, computers are more expensive in Spain too. People do quote that they pay very little in council tax, maybe in some rural areas but in Marbella we pay over a 1000E and then urbanisation fees for street lighting which the Town Hall should supply!

I believe the cost of living theories are just a myth. It’s bloody expensive here and before anyone quotes inland prices….the campo folk come here to shop at the main commercial centres.!