Re: Re: Why the housing market cannot recover


@kgpoc wrote:

No one country in the EU is responsible for the effects in the others.. Especially not Germany (the US, Japan, the UK all had comparable, if not lower rates). Each of the governments are responsible for their problems. Anyone remember Solbes, he warned PSOE that what they were doing would bankrupt the country and leave it a lame duck, but no one would heed his words.. Italy had Prodi, he was voted out because he wanted cuts and savings when the EU was just starting to explode. I bet every country had their Solbes or Prodi and it was the voters who were not interested in listening to them.

Europe and western world has one massive problem (they confuse Responsibility with Rights).. Everyone looks to the right and left and sees their friends or fellow works living ‘better’ than them, and so they do not think they need to sacrifice (or take responsibility), it is the other person who needs to start sacrificing before they will accept it..

They are happy to clam/demand rights but want no responsibility.

Well said